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    You'll find career maps and resources for major Puget Sound industries—showing you a sampling of occupations, the wages they pay and the education/training required.

  • click for more infoGreen Industries & Careers

    The GREEN ECONOMY is "the manufacturing and use of products and services that help to overcome global warming, promote protection of the environment, and provide a reliable source of energy in Washington State and every region and state in the United States". Click to learn more about Green Careers

    click for more infoMaritime Industries & Careers

    The Puget Sound Maritime Industry provides a critical link to our local and national economy by employing thousands with high skill/high wage jobs, transporting commodities safely and securely to sustain our economy in an environmentally responsible way. Click to learn more about Maritime Careers

    click for more infoHealthcare Industries & Careers

    Despite a slowdown with the economic recession, employment in health care has continued to grow. In fact, the health-care industry is increasingly alarmed about the shortage of skilled hospital staff. Click to learn more about Healthcare Careers

    click for more infoComputer/IT Industries & Careers

    Not only are major IT companies headquartered here, but small and medium-sized firms also share the highly coveted talent pool.
    Click to learn more about Computer/IT Careers

    click for more infoLife Sciences Industries & Careers

    The Puget Sound region, especially Seattle-King County, is an important hub for the life sciences, with nearly 160 companies and over 15,000 employees here. And the industry continues to grow—during the last 10 years, it has grown by 90%.
    Click to learn more about Life Sciences Careers

    click for more infoConstruction Industries & Careers

    The building trades offer great wages after a relatively short time of training and on-the-job experience. What's more, they have a built-in career ladder in the form of the apprenticeship system. Click to learn more about Construction Careers

    click for more infoManufacturing Industries & Careers

    Although manufacturing is subject to ups and downs, and has had overall flat employment during the last decade, it remains a significant industry in terms of volume of jobs, quality of jobs and wages, and contribution to the local economy. The average wage for manufacturing in King County in 2009 was $70,982.
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