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Healthcare Careers

Despite a slowdown with the economic recession, employment in health care has continued to grow. In fact, the health-care industry is increasingly alarmed about the shortage of skilled hospital staff.

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Health care is one of the largets employment sectors in Washington and is a significant industry in King County. Despite a slowdown in the last economic recession, job growth in Health Care has remained positive.

Before the recession, the Health Care industry faced shortages of trained workers in many occupations. While the economic downturn dropped the rate of vacancies, the underlying factors that caused worker shortages remain and are looming again in the recovery. These include an aging population increasing the demand for care services and an aging workforce leading to more retirements.

Industry employment is projected to expand 23.4% between 2014 and 2024. Shortages are expected to continue, especially for registered nurses, personal care aides and home health aides. These shortages were delayed by the recession, which prevented some of the current workforce from retiring.