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Other Green Industries

For a business to be categorized as "green" they must make a product or service that protects the environment or provides reliable energy sources. In our four-county area , these sectors include Green Energy, the Environment, Green Building, Green ("Sustainable") Manufacturing and Green Transportation.

These businesses and their jobs DIRECTLY contribute to the green economy. In addition, many other businesses and jobs play an INDIRECT and still important role, in our green economy.

INDIRECT businesses make green generic materials and parts used to make solar panels, smart electrical grids and energy efficient buildings. These indirect green companies provide services like carbon accounting, chemical engineering, or market research to the "direct" green businesses.

There are also businesses and jobs "INDUCED" by direct green businesses. These are created when people employed by green sector businesses spend their wages to purchase products and consumer services. Induced jobs include retail, wholesale, clerical, administrative and government jobs.

For a retail business to contribute to the green economy they can provide environmentally friendly products like cleaning products made with non-toxic chemicals, soy-based printer ink, and plastic bags made at a factory that uses solar energy.

Here are examples of INDIRECT and INDUCED green jobs:









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