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Green Careers

Washington's Green Economy Sectors, Businesses and Jobs

WELCOME! We hear a lot about “green jobs," “green businesses,” and the “green economy." But what do those terms really mean?

This website will help you to understand basic green terms and the types of green jobs available in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

You'll also find information about:

  • The experience, skills and education you need for a green job
  • Salary ranges
  • How to turn a job into a career
  • Training programs

What does it mean to be green?

The GREEN ECONOMY is "the manufacturing and use of products and services that help to overcome global warming, promote protection of the environment, and provide a reliable source of energy in Washington State and every region in the United States."

Much of the work we have to do now to 'green' our economy involves changing the places that we live and work and the way we get around (electric and hybrid cars, buses and other mass transit). Some of these jobs are hard or impossible to send to other countries since you can't pick up a house, send it to China to have solar panels installed, then have it shipped back.

FOR A BUSINESS TO BE "GREEN" they must make a product or service that meets the "green economy" description above. Business owners and managers must also start a company culture that supports environmentally sustainable processes and businesses practices; then it is up to all employees to apply these changes in the work they do each day. To understand more about green business practices, look at the EMPLOYERS section of this website.

Green Economy Sectors in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish Counties

As you read above, the green economy is products and services that protect the environment and provide reliable energy sources. In our four-county area, these sectors include: Green Energy, the Environment, Green Building, Green ("Sustainable") Manufacturing and Green Transportation (and their "subsectors").


Green Energy The
Green Building Green Manufacturing Green Transportation
Efficient Distribution Water Conservation and Treatment Residential Production Processes Public Transportation


  • Renewable
  • Alternative

Waste Management

Protection, Remediation & Restoration

Commercial and Public


Products Fuel Efficient Vehicles

The jobs and careers in these sectors (and subsectors) are the focus of this website because most new jobs will be created here, and other jobs may simply require extra training and skills.