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Searching for a "green" job is not very different from searching for any other job. You will want to determine which jobs pay least a living wage, have a career ladder, and provide more training and some job security.

The next most important thing to do is to read about the growing environmental awareness movement and its affect on businesses and jobs. The Internet and your local newspaper are great information resources to know what is happening, who is involved, and what businesses are growing and adding jobs. You can also identify the businesses you think you would like to work for based on your existing experience, skills and interests.

Remember, as you are doing your research be sure to do your own thinking – separate the quality information from misleading or untrue information. For example, a term you should know is "green washing". This means that a company is using untrue public relations or marketing promotions misleading people to think their product or business practices are environmentally friendly when in reality, they are not.
On the other hand, the term "green sheen" means that a business is telling their customers that they are taking small steps to make sure that their products and businesses practices are environmentally friendly, and they plan to make more improvements over time.

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