The Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County

Green Energy

  • Distribution: Efficiency

  • Production: Renewable, Alternative

The green (or "clean") energy sector in our area (King Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties) is divided into two areas ("subsectors"): the Efficient Distribution of green energy, and the Production of Renewable and Alternative energy sources.

The efficient distribution of green energy, also called the "smart energy grid", is an improved electricity system still under development throughout the United States. The goals are to find a way to combine renewable resources into the system, track usage to reduce power outages, and distribute the power to homes and businesses for the lowest price possible.

Here are some examples of green jobs in this sector:

Energy Efficiency jobs:




Renewable and Alternative Energy:

Currently there are few jobs in this sector since energy facilities (like wind farms) operate with a small number of operations and maintenance employees. Also, many jobs are part time since most companies are small and still very new. Here are some examples of green jobs in this sector:




Additional Resources:

Here are some examples of Washington-based Energy companies:

To review a list of more Washington-based companies working with alternative energy sources (like biomass, anaerobic digesters and wood), go to page 14 of this report, Washington State Energy Marketplace Directory

To review a typical Wind Technician job description, go to page 36 of this report: Centralia College Center of Excellence for Energy Technology, Skills Standards for Wind Turbine Technicians.

To learn about other jobs in the Green Energy sector, go to: then go to the box "Find Occupations", then go to "Green Economy Sector" and using the drop-down arrow, select "Renewable Energy Generation" then "GO".

For a list of colleges in our area that offer energy training programs, click here.