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Green Building

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The Green Building sector has a large percentage of the green jobs in Washington State. Residential, commercial/public and industrial building construction companies usually are the general contractors, and they hire other specialty contractors (masonry, electrical, and painting contractors) to work on construction projects.

"Green building" means to make houses, apartments, stores and factories using construction processes and materials that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life.

"Green building" reduces the harm that the built environment has on people's health and on nature by efficiently using energy, water and other resources; and by reducing waste and pollution.

In the Green Building sector, the jobs that are available now and over the next few years are mostly full-time, require more than a high school diploma/GED (usually apprenticeship training), and employees need basic skills like reading, writing and how to use power tools.

Here are some examples of green jobs in this sector:

Green Building jobs:





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